Randy’s Field School Experience

Photo 1: Eddy, Karlene, Joanna and I at the Double Barrel Roadhouse Cafe in Las Vegas, NV. My trip down to eastern California & southern Nevada for the CNGO-Dalhousie University northern geoscience training program was one of the most memorable educational experiences of my lifetime. I went down with only a couple weeks of geology … Continued

Joanna’s Field School Experience

White-Inyo Mountains The first time we arrived at Mammoth Lakes was a bit scary, the winds were strong and we went through turbulence. We finally landed on our second attempt! When we got off the plane, sure enough the wind was pretty strong. After we ate supper we drove to the camp site. It was … Continued

Karlene’s Field School Experience

Photo 1: Lookout Mountain, Eastern California – Beginning of our trip; Karlene Napayok, Randy Hinanik, Joanna Panipak (L to R) My name is Karlene Napayok. I recently graduated from the Environmental Technology Program (ETP) at Nunavut Arctic College in Iqaluit, Nunavut. I heard about this field school a couple of times during presentations made by … Continued

Patricia’s Field School and CNGO Summer Work Experience

My name is Patricia Peyton and I am an FSWEP student working with the Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office in Iqaluit. I have graduated from the Nunavut Arctic College with a diploma in Environmental Technology Program and I am continuing my schooling to be an Inuktitut interpreter/ Translator with the Language and Culture Program, Nunavut Arctic College. … Continued

Candice’s Field School and CNGO Summer Work Experience

I first heard of this field school opportunity when Holly Steenkamp (CNGO Bedrock Geologist), Patricia Peyton (CNGO Geological Assistant), and the CNGO office gave a presentation to my first year Environmental Technology Program class at Nunavut Arctic College about a summer job opportunity. When I heard they were thinking of sending someone down to California … Continued